The high quality Brite Beer Tanks BBT we offer are the perfect solution to clarify, carbonate and ripen your beer. 

If you need a service tank with a single layer or a jacketed BBT storage tank for storage. JAIAK offers tanks custom built by experts in all sizes and configurations. We offer BBT conditioning tanks approved for international pressure standards, they are produced in AISI 304 with perfect finishes, complete traceability of materials and components and very rigorous welding and polishing standards.

Specifications of Brite beer tanks, BBT

Standard model: from 100l to 200,000l

  • The main material is SUS304 stainless steel
  • The upper part is curved stainless steel, the lower part is conical or curved, 100% TIG welding, cleaned and polished.
  • Working pressure of 0.15MPa, test pressure 0.3MPa.
  • With 3-4 stainless steel legs, height and level.
  • 3 mm thick inner jacket, PU insulation, 60 to 80 mm thick, 2 mm thick outer jackets.
  • Cleaning of internal surfaces, polished to 0.4um.
  • Sanitary clamp type connector of the appropriate standard models according to the tank.
  • Vacuum valves / pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valves, lifting lugs, upper access side, 360 ° CIP ball.
  • Separate double zone temperature control (adjustable), dimple jacket for cooling.
  • Rack for beer delivery.
  • Hops port type standard clamp.
  • Sensors for electronic thermometers.


    • Both tank designs, single layer or jacketed / insulated
    • The tanks are fully configurable to adapt to customer needs
    • Designed and built according to international standards of pressure and sanitation
    • Rounded design with curved upper and lower 
    • Insulated with polyurethane foam
    • Double acting vent valve (below 60 BBL)
    • Pressure and vacuum valves (60 BBL and above)
    • CIP with spray balls and removable arms
    • Thermometer
    • Sample valve
    • Manhole
    • Vertical pipe
    • Outlet valves


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